12+Alder was a boarding house at one time, leaving the upper level divided into a dozen bedrooms and two bathrooms. The building's exterior was re-contextualized to respond to the historic 1887 church across the street and the interior was opened and upgraded. From inside the upper level residence, the steeple stands as if it were at attention. A floor to ceiling trapezoid window folds into a skylight to capture the view of the church steeple. In a gesture of inside-greets-outside, the point of departure for the residence interior is a Brady Bunch backyard complete with AstroTurf. The 2000 square foot residence uses horizontal planes and flat surfaces to allow living, dining and entertainment functions to merge.

Consumer retail resides together in a 5000 square foot storefront. The seed of this creative space has sprouted neighborhood change. An adjacent block now features design shops, new storefronts and a 21-story mixed-use high rise.

Client: E-Flat LLC.

Location: Portland, Oregon

Completion Date: 2007

Size: 13,800 sq ft.


2005 AIA Portland Built Honor Award