Nike Olympic Trials

Client: Nike

Location: Eugene, Oregon

Completion Date: 2012

Size: 67,600 sq ft

Camp Victory was a temporary exhibition space showcasing Nike innovations during the 2012 U.S. Olympic Trials track & field competition. A series of three pavilions were installed for ten days at Hayward Field at the University of Oregon. The first Eugene Olympic Trials were held in 1972. Adjacent to the field Nike Camp Victory was a temporary highly interactive 150’ x 80’ playground. Inspired by the visualization of speed a network of fabricated tensile pavilions and tracks responded to the mission of experiencing how fast is fast.

The visualization of kinetic energy took the form of explosive triangular pavilions, three stories in height, sheathed in a light-weight translucent poly membrane. Like a sprinter coming out of the starting blocks, the pavilions lean and cantilever, stretching to their structural physical boundaries. The steel-framed pavilions are a hyper-light translation of the posture and tectonics of speed. Intersecting running track lanes connect the pavilions in a geometry of unfolding and refolding of space. Digital media is an immersive thread throughout the site, a result of a highly collaborative design process between the architecture and digital media development.