North HQ

North’s desires were complex but clear: the advertising agency wanted a workspace to reflect its aggressive reorganization, to rethink its programmatic elements, to take inspiration from atypical employee interaction, and to connect to the city. North’s multifaceted output-- incorporating graphic design, video production, film editing, music recording, sound editing and photography-- necessitated a multifaceted workspace. The building’s design team found inspiration in Polar research stations and organized North’s disparate elements into three types of “module:” public, office program, and creative. The modules were laid out to create a dynamic work environment where a myriad of spaces were defined but the building’s historic shell remained untouched.

Client: North

Location: Portland, Oregon

Completion Date: 2007

Size: 10,600 sq ft.


2008 The Root Awards

2008 Interior Design Best of Year Award

2007 AIA Portland Sustainability Award