Client: Summit

Location: Powder Mountain, Utah

Size: 5,500 sq ft.

Designed to serve as catalyst for a sustainable, densely planned residential village, Skylodge is a 5,500-square-foot event center built on a 10,000-acre ski mountain in Utah.

By using modular and prefabricated construction, the HOMB design and construction timeline for Skylodge were compressed into an impressive 5 month window. To pull off the quick creation, a series of modules, based on 100-square-foot triangles, were fitted with finishes, mechanical and electrical simultaneously and prepared on-site, resulting in a geometric layout with two rotundas, connected at the core resulting in dramatic mountain views at 8,900 feet elevation.

Prefabricated Construction by Method Homes

Nearby, a third rotunda features a dining room that seats 80 with a bar and fully equipped kitchen that bridges the living and dining areas. The building not only serves as the epicenter of ground breaking thought and idea sharing around sustainability and community, but also functions as the collective amenity space for the residential units as development progresses.

Photos by: Boone Speed