Red Mountain Motel

The Red Mountain Motel project affords the opportunity to create a unique and an immersive ski, snowboarding and mountain biking experience.  Located in Rossland, Canada BC, nestled in the landscape, this motel consists of 32 modular prefabricated units each individually configured, joined and stacked, to capture private mountain views for each Red Mountain enthusiast.  Each prefab unit is formulated to be super insulated and highly energy efficient for both summer and winter conditions. Additionally the immediate community can partake in events or gatherings at a central hub adjacent to the check-in area.  This project lends a high level of efficiency in its conception and making that in turn presents an innovative experience within modest means.  The materiality of the landscape and capturing the history and culture of Red Mountain will infuse this community with a new vibrant spirit.

Location: Rossland, BC, Canada, International

Size: 14,600 sq ft