North HQ

Long-standing advertising agency North wanted a new workspace to support its multifaceted output which led to a multi-use build out to bridge the gap between creative ideation, production and client services. At a higher level, North needed a re-thought creative home base that reflected its aggressive internal reorganization and shifted the way employees interacted and teams worked together. Skylab found inspiration in the terrain and construction of remote arctic research stations and organized North’s disparate elements into three types of modules — public, office, and creative. They were laid out to create a dynamic work environment where a myriad of spaces were defined, but the building’s existing historic shell remained untouched. Each of the modules was constructed and finished with unique materials that created three different types of spaces that flowed together seamlessly. The overall result is a blending of creativity, community and exploration that suits the agency perfectly.

Client: North

Location: Portland, Oregon

Size: 10,600 sq ft.


2008 The Root Awards

2008 Interior Design Best of Year Award

2007 AIA Portland Sustainability Award