Founded in 2007, NAU was a start-up apparel company based in Portland, Oregon. They were driven by three principles — beauty, performance and sustainability. Skylab was hired to bring these defining truths to life with a disruptive retail strategy and a physical brand experience that set a new bar across all categories. Skylab concepted retail locations called “webfronts” that act as a three-dimensional realization of the company’s primary sales channel – the internet. The plan leverages a small and adaptable footprint, limited backstock, digital storytelling platforms and a prefabricated environment built of eco-friendly recyclable MDF fixtures. As a modular, freestanding environment, the design reduces waste by reusing existing flooring, walls, storefront, dressing rooms, egress lighting, HVAC, plumbing and electrical distribution. Skylab developed a fresh retail model that is agile, inspiring and most of all, scalable.

Client: Nau

Location: Washington

Size: 3,000 sq ft


2007 AIA Portland Sustainability Award

2007 AIA Portland Built Citation