Mountain Hardwear

Mountain Hardwear is designed to help people become better, to find and challenge their potential and to discover their best selves in the process. Boldness is valued to bind friendships that come from shared outdoor experiences and the joy of living life to the fullest. The enlightenment philosophy was a product design approach that strips away impediments and distractions to create gear and clothing that weighs less, works faster, operates more easily and requires less energy.

The tradeshow pop-up booth was a prototype design, experimenting with product families and curated “face out” displays. The environment of the tradeshow concept was a hardware lounge with a featured product arrival experience, bar and lounge central area and service counters met with representatives. This shop experience was a model for future development of MHW retail stores. The primary idea was more efficiently racking product showing less to control the volume of product displayed and elevate the brand with curated product families in the experience.

Client: Mountain Hardwear

Location: Various Locations, Global Tradeshow,

Size: Various Sizes


2011 Outdoor Retailer