We had the pleasure of hosting a tour and panel discussion entitled "The Pace of Vibrant Communities" for Metropolis Magazine’s ThinkTank series. Susan S. Szenasy, Director of Design Innovation for Metropolis Magazine, lead us through a conversation about conscious city growth and intentional development. As old patterns mix with the new and lines blur between building and landscape, new spaces for social and digital interactions have no choice but to emerge. - Hosted inside the N M Bodecker Foundation, it exemplified the importance of spatial and social relationships. 

Thank you to all the Metropolis Think Tank Partners, Susan S. Szeenasy and everyone else who attended to make this important conversation happen.

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• Jeff Kovel, AIA, Principal, Skylab Architecture

• Jill Sherman, Partner, Gerding Edlen

• Tim Larson, President, Downstream

• Jonathan Beaver, Principal, 2.ink Studio

• Brian Libby, Architectural Journalist

Photography by Stephen Miller