A leftover 20,000 sq ft berm space was created when the City of Portland built the new one-way Couch Street couplet reconnecting the roadway to the Burnside Bridge. This Central Eastside b76 site is located at the geographic center of the City of Portland and the edge of the daily commuter flow of automobiles, bikes and pedestrians connecting to the Westside downtown urban core.

b76 was designed as a working class building optimized for pedestrians and bicyclists. It is positioned to build on the new Eastside community envisioned by the Burnside Bridgehead Framework plan. The ground floor will be activated by storefronts on second street and workspace above. This new building program will also reintegrate a pedestrian stair down from the bridge level to second street akin to the original stairs that previously existed, and was removed by the city.

This new wedge shaped 20,000 sq ft CLT structure will feature open ground level pedestrian and bicyclist oriented retail environments for daily commuters and locals. The workspace above will be wrapped in brick masonry with the building acting as an anchor for the eastside of the Burnside Bridge and gateway.

The world renowned Burnside Skatepark is also a leftover city space and neighbor under the bridge leased to the skate community. The building development team has additionally leased a small space under the bridge, adjacent to b76 and the skate park, for food carts to extend into the 2nd street ground level retail environment.

Client: Key Development Corporation

Location: Portland, Oregon

Completion Date: 2019

Size: 20,000 sq ft.